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Subject: My First Year with Kevin, Chapter 8The following is a work of fiction, and any resemblance to real people or
events is purely coincidental. The story contains graphic descriptions of
sex between men, and anyone who is free young trannys forbidden by law to read such material
must exit the story now. This story is being posted to the Nifty Archive
for the enjoyment of its readers. It may not be posted or distributed by
any other medium without young sixteen boys
the written young humping permission of its author.My other works in the Nifty Archive include Unusual Christmas and Nick's
Adventures, both in bisexual/high school, First Mate and Twin Spin in
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My First Year With KevinChapter Eight My first week at Newton went by in young blonde lesbians
a blaze. I barely remember
anything that happened after the first day. Joey and I continued having
lunch together and then going out to the smoking area for a smoke. On
Thursday Todd joined us, as much to young lesbian kids
bum a smoke, I think, as for our
company. I introduced him to Joey, and the three of us talked about the
football game Friday night.
"Are you guys going," Joey asked.
"Naw," Todd said. "I've got other plans to take care of." I
figured Friday would be a pretty big night for Todd on the pool tables, and
no school football game could interfere with his livelihood.
"What about you, Matt," Joey asked.
"I don't know," I said. "You know, my brother plays for Colton,
and I'd kind of like to see his game."
"Your brother," Todd asked, incredulous.
"Yeah. Half-brother, really. Same dad, different mothers. I came
here to live with my dad."
"How old is he," Todd inquired.
"He's eighteen. Same as me. best youngest girls I'm actually six months older,
though, so I guess you could say he's my little brother."
They both chuckled politely at that bit of inane humor.
"Well, damn, guys. I really wanted to go to the game, but I damn
sure don't want to go by myself," Joey said.
"Why don't you come to the Colton game with me," I asked.
"Thanks, but let me think about that," Joey said. "There's a guy
in the Computer Club I met the other afternoon who might want to go. He's
only a sophomore, but he's a nice guy. Please don't think I don't value
your invitation, though, Matt."
"Oh, I understand completely," I said. "I'm only going to see my
brother play. I don't give a shit about Colton."
Joey finished his smoke and left, no doubt to look for the
sophomore he had mentioned.
"Where are you going to be tomorrow night," I asked Todd, with a
kind of mischievous grin.
"Rack and Cue. Why don't you drop by after the game. Your brother
will probably want to party with the other guys on the team anyway. I
might let you play me for a blowjob." naked young naturists He hit me playfully on the arm, so
it was hard to know if he was serious or only teasing me.
"I just might," I said, hitting him back. We both laughed and got
up to go on to our afternoon classes.
That night, after Kevin and I had made awesome love for the second
time that day, I brought up the subject of the football game.
"Kev, are you starting tomorrow night?"
"Damn straight, I am. cien young kosmetyki I've started young joc mp3 every game since I was a
sophomore." Kevin played quarterback, and I knew he was good, at least by
Colton standards. He had told me that the school was so small, compared to
some of the private Catholic boys' schools, that just about anybody who
could handle a football was on the team. "Why?"
"Cause I'm gonna be there, that's why."
"You're not going to the little young naturism
Newton game," he asked.
"And miss seeing you play the first game of your senior season?
What the fuck kind of question is that, you asshole."
He grinned a broad grin and hugged me hard. I knew he was pleased.
"What are you going to do afterwards," I asked him. "Do the toplist young angels
on the team party after games?"
"Yeah, but I can skip that shit. I'd rather be with you."
"You don't have to, man. I am not entirely without my own
resources, after all."
"You going to hang out with that Joey kid," he asked. asian youngsex
Kevin was
really smart and took school work very seriously, but guys who were really
"into" computers and shit like that weren't his cup of tea.
"As a matter of fact, I've got another friend I can hang with."
"Ohhhhhh. So you've been holding out on the Kev, have you?" He
tickled me a little and then pulled my dick a couple of times. "Who is
this guy?"
"His name is Todd Anderson. We don't have any classes together,
but his all petite young
parking place is next to mine, and we've kind of gotten to be
friendly young gang bang in the smoking area 3d young nudes
during lunch. He's a really nice guy. You'd
like him."
"Does he play sports," Kevin asked.
"Well, let's just say that by some standards he's a professional
"Goddamn, man. Tell me more. Who is this fucker?"
I told Kevin all about Todd.
When I finished my story, Kevin said, "Hell, young nude mothers
I've been to the Rack
and Cue a bunch of times. I prefer to hang youngest girls fuck out at Chubby's place, but
that's a good place to shoot pool, too. You and I need to go there
Then I told Kevin about Todd's comment about playing me for a
"I double fucking dare you to do it," he said. "Do it, Matt. And
remember every detail to tell me. Hell, I might even show up there
"Are you serious? You wouldn't mind if I lost and had to give him
a blowjob?"
"Duh! Does the term 'sex camp' ring any bells in that beautiful
head of young child
yours? Do you remember a certain game I won at a certain gay nude
recreation area?"
"No, I have no recollection of what it is you speak."
"Asshole. Come here to me."
He grabbed me in a wrestling hold, and we had fun bouncing all over
the bed. He was really playful and didn't hurt me a bit. young teenz porn
I got him in a
few good holds, but he tore young teen thong
loose of them easily.
"Are you going to fuck me, Mr. Alpha Male," I asked in a little
boy's voice.
"Grrrrrrrrrrrr," he said. Then he really went to town. He shoved
his cock up my ass in about thirty seconds, and I submitted to the ecstasy
of having Kevin in me. After school the next day, I told Todd I'd probably see him that
night at the Rack and Cue. "My brother said he might drop by."
"Cool," Todd said, as he changed into his pool-shooting uniform.
"I told him about what you said about playing for blowjobs, and he
said, 'I double fucking dare you to do it.' Those were his exact words."
Todd looked at me young swedish cunt
like he was seeing me for the first time. He
scanned me up and down, stopping for a noticeable inspection of my crotch.
Then he looked up and grinned.
"It could happen," he said. I went home and did my weekend homework. Denis and Frank got home
earlier than usual, and they had their usual pre-dinner drink. Since it
was Friday, the houseboys had left dinner out for us. We heated it up
around 5:30 and were ready to leave for the game at 6:30. The stadium
wasn't far, and we got there a good fifteen minutes before kickoff. We had
reserved season tickets, so we walked right in and went straight to our
seats on the fifty-yard line.
The game started at seven o'clock sharp, and Kevin was amazing.
Passing, running the ball, dodging tackles-everything you see in college
and pro football games. At one point I got up to take a leak, and in naked young teens
men's room I overheard two men talking.
"That Smythe kid is fucking Fresh young boys unbelievable young and natural this year, isn't he?"
"Goddamn, yeah. I've heard Bobby Bowden of FSU might be interested
in him. In fact, the rumor is there are scouts in the stadium tonight.
That would be the first time in decades a Colton kid was picked up by a
first-rate team, if that happened."
"No shit."
"That's what I hear."
My heart started beating a mile a minute. I finished pissing,
shook off, put it away, and turned to those men.
"That Smythe kid is my brother," I said as I faced them.
"Really? So why aren't you out there with him?"
"I don't go to Colton. I go to Newton. Besides, football is *his*
thing, not mine. But you guys just made me feel like a million bucks.
Thanks, gentlemen." Then young russian girl I walked out.
I raced back Associate young up the young porno 19 stairs of the little young anal
stadium to where the dads were to
report on what I had just heard. I got there just in time to see Kevin
throw a fifty yard pass for a touchdown. The crowd went wild. I jumped up
on the seat in front of young japanese slut
me and screamed my head off. I also knocked over a
stadium seat and nearly pushed the lady, whose youngest ukrainian angels seat I was standing on, down
the stadium. I apologized and, when I told her Kevin was my brother, she
kiss me.
Once the excitement had died down, I was finally able to get their
attention. "Denis, Frank," I gasped, out of breath from my run and all the
cheering. "You won't believe what I just heard in the restroom."
"What," they asked in unison.
"Two guys, grown men, probably fathers of players or something,
were saying that Bobby Bowden of Florida State is interested in Kevin and
that there are probably scouts here tonight."
Denis and Frank looked at one another and laughed.
"Did you tell them he's going to Harvard with you," Frank asked?
I was completely puzzled. What made them think either one of us
could get into Harvard?
"We might not get accepted," I said.
"Oh, you'll get young life
accepted," Denis said, "if Frank and I have to give
them a fucking building." I finally got off the bench in front of me so
the people who were there could sit down. I sat down, too, young girl party having
completely missed the extra point. I thought about the implications of
what they had just said. The thought of Kevin and me being separated for
college sent chills through me, but, for the first time, I realized it was
a possibility. What if he turned Harvard down? What if he got accepted
and I didn't? I remembered back to the conversation we had had about SAT
scores, and mine weren't as good as his were-when he was a junior. His
would be awesome that year. young shy virgins I just knew it. He could even get a perfect
1600. And all those 5's on AP exams.
The first half ended just about then, and all three of us went
under the stadium to smoke.
"I can't believe they have a Clean Air rule in a Guiding young children fucking stadium,"
Frank said. "Hell, my grandfather bought the land this tgp teen youngest thing is built on
and gave it to the school."
"I young fresh fucker
know, Frank. We've been through this before. Remember? That
illustrates the importance of a will: 'You may have this land for your
stadium as long as you allow my grandson and his partner, and his partner's
son, too, of course, to smoke during football games when my grandson's son
is playing.' You're one of the best lawyers in New Orleans, Frank; you
should have advised grandpa."
"Shut the fuck up, you asshole, and, yes, I remember we've been
over this before. But it still pisses me off."
Denis chuckled, but that was the first time I had heard them have
anything like cross words.
"Are you guys mad at each other," young teen pussy I asked, wanting my secure nest
to remain so.
"Of course not," Denis said. Don't you and Kevin have exchanges
like that?"
"Well, yeah. I guess we do."
"We know you do, Matt, because we've heard them," Frank said.
"We're not angry at young russian porno each other. That's just the way male love is. We call
each other names, push each other, grab each others' balls, fart in each
others' faces. That's just part of it."
I started laughing.
"You guys do that, too, don't you," Denis asked.
"Guilty as charged, Dads."
Frank ruffled young girls shower my hair.
"You're a cute little shit for having young full porn come from this ugly post," he
"Who are you calling an ugly post, alligator scrotum?"
"Oh, please, Denis, that line was funny the first thirteen hundred
times you used it. Get a fucking life, dude."
Denis laughed his ass off at that, and I stood there looking back
and forth europ young tgp at them, not believing my ears. Frank laughed just as hard. I
saw real love in that banter.
"We're scandalizing this young faggot here, Frank," Denis said.
I was kind of shocked, and they noticed it.
"Well, son, that's what we are, and you're just a young one of us.
Grow up."
I laughed because I finally realized they were including me in the
adult fun. We watched the second half of the game, and Kevin banned young pussy performed
brilliantly. Colton won the game by fourteen points, and everyone on our
side was ecstatic.
"You want to get something to eat, Matt," Frank asked, as we left
the stadium. I was still kind of high on Kevin's performance, but I was
also pretty hungry.
"Sure," I said.
We went to a Shoney's, the place where Kevin and I had teenies youngest tgp
breakfast more than once. I got a hamburger and fries, but Denis and Frank
just got coffee. young board nude
When we were through, I told them I wanted to meet up
with a friend, and they excused me. We had come in separate cars, so I
assumed they went home and went to bed.
I hustled my ass to the Rack and Cue. Todd was there, dressed in
some pretty seductively tight jeans and a tank top. It was still only early
September, and it was still hot as hell in New Orleans. He had a silver or
stainless steel chain around his neck that dipped below the front of his
tanktop. It didn't look all that much like a jewelry chain, being much
thicker than jewelry ordinarily is, but I didn't comment or ask about it. I
walked up to the table where he was shooting alone.
"Wanna shoot, fella?"
He looked at me and grinned.
"I was wondering if you'd show up," he said.
"Well, here I am. Wanna shoot some pool?"
He had a really big grin on his face as he wracked the balls. I
noticed he was drinking a longneck Miller, so I got one for me and nudist free young
one for him. He said thanks.
We shot two games of Nine Ball, and he won both of them. I had
only ever played Eight Ball before, but I finally got the hang of the game.
"You want to put something on the next game," he asked.
"Sure. How much?"
"I wasn't thinking money. You know what I was thinking."
"Sure," I said. Either way, I figured I couldn't lose.
He won the lag and broke. He hit the one ball nicely but scattered
the rest all over the table. He didn't sink any.
I shot nude young teen next and sank the one ball. Then I sank the young 12yo pics two ball, young 15 xxx
but I
didn't leave him a shot when I missed on the three.
"You fucker," he said, as he tried for the three. xxx young nudist He missed it, so
I got to have the cue ball in hand. I sank the three ball and the nine
ball, which meant I won.
"Well, I'll be goddamned," he said, loud enough for everybody
around us to hear. "Come on," he said. "I owe you. It was my fucking
He took me into the men's room, which was a kind of byzantine
affair. Once we were in there, he locked the door. He didn't say
anything. Instead, he got down on teen nobude young
his knees in front of me. I was wearing
new young kiddy pussy Levi 501's, and he popped open the buttons. He pulled my half-hard
cock out young pussy samples
and stuck it into his mouth. He went to town on it. Kevin had
given me the best blowjobs of my young middle magnet life, but this boy wasn't half bad.
"Todd, man, you're doing this like you know how," I said, and then
I gasped in pleasure when he swirled his tongue around the head of my cock.
He dug into the piss slit for whatever he could find there, and he stroked
my shaft.
"Play with your nipples," he told me. When I did, the feeling in
my groin intensified. He worked my jeans down below my knees and rubbed my
ass cheeks.
"That really feels good, Todd," illagal young porn
I said in response to that
He took matters a step further by really young sluts wetting his middle finger on his
right hand and massaging my hole. Then he inserted it and found my
prostate. He did that for a few seconds, and I knew I was ready.
"I'm gonna come," I whispered hoarsely. He didn't pull off,
though, and I really hadn't expected him to. He milked my cock to get all
of my cum, and I was already more than half soft when he finally pull off
"Damn, dude, that was fan-fucking-tastic."
He grinned at me, and it made me think he was even cuter than I had
thought originally.
"Can I kiss you," he asked politely. I didn't answer. Instead I
grabbed him and entered his mouth with my tongue. Holding him close, I
could feel his hard-on through his jeans. I started rubbing it, and he
moaned a little. But in a few seconds he moved my hand away.
"Another time. You won the bet, so young angel porn I shouldn't get anything."
"I don't mind jerking you off, man."
"I know, but that wouldn't be fair in the spirit of the bet. Let's
go before somebody has to take a leak and gets pissed off because younger girl slut the door
is locked."
We left the men's room singly, and young hairless nude I don't think anybody in the
place really noticed us.
"You make any money tonight," I asked.
"Yeah, but not as much as I had hoped. It's still early, though,
and it's only Friday night. I've got all weekend."
We got fresh beers and sat at a table to smoke.
"You want to play some more," I asked.
He kind of shrugged. "I will if you want to, but I'd just as soon
sit here and talk to you."
"No, that's cool."
"So let me ask you something. Would you have paid off if you had
"Of course," I said.
"Have you ever done it before? Given one, I mean."
I thought I knew where this was leading, but I wasn't sure what I
was going to do with the information when I got it.
"Yeah, I have," I said quietly.
"Are you gay," he asked, equally quietly.
"I guess I am, too," he said.
"You're not sure," I asked. He didn't seem particularly pained by
the conversation, so I proceeded with what I considered a logical question.
"No, I'm sure. I am. It's just that you're really the first
person I've said it to directly."
"So I take it you're not out young boy cock to your parents are anybody."
"Not officially, but they know. At least I think they know. And
they're not upset about it."
"How do you think they know?"
"I left young mother incest my computer on one day while I was at school, and my dad
wanted to use it. I had a picture open of two guys fucking, but it was
covered by the screen saver. When I got home, Dad asked me if I young porn vidieos
knew what
was on my computer. I told him I did. He asked me if I liked those kinds
of pictures and I nodded."
"Jesus, what did he do?"
"He just said, 'Just wondering.' That was it. They've never
brought it up again. What about you? Are you out to your parents?"
"In a big way," I said.
"So tell," he said.
"Well, my dad's gay, and I live with him, his lover, and his
lover's son. I told you I have a brother, but I really don't. My dad's
lover's son is my lover. We happen to have the same last name by sheer
coincidence, so we say we're half brothers. His asain young schoolgirl
mom's dead, and my mom and
step-father live in California. I got sent to live with my real dad
because andrew young wife
last January they found out I was gay."
"Whooooa! This is blowing my mind, man. You actually young german boys
live with
your lover, and everybody's cool with that?"
"That's right. And speak of the devil..." I said, as I saw Kevin
enter the place. I called to him, and he came over. I introduced Todd to
Kevin, and Kevin immediately got himself a beer and lit a cigarette.
The first words out of his mouth after he sat down were, "So, who
"I did," I said.
"All right, bro," he said, and we did a high-five.
"He any good," jean childs young Kevin asked, jerking his head to indicate Todd.
"Kevin, don't...yeah, he is, actually. Very good."
"Want to shoot a game, Todd," Kevin asked immediately. We all
We made small talk about the football game and such, and about
school. Then Todd, who had been watching the door since we had sat down at
the table, grinned.
"See that guy there," he asked us. "He's here to play me."
"Really," I asked. "How do you know?"
"The grapevine, really. I heard yesterday afternoon in here he
wanted some 'young punk ass.' I've never played him before, but I know
he's good. I'm pretty sure I can beat him."
"So, how are you going to handle this," Kevin teen young lollita asked. "Oh, by the
way, Todd, I know what you're talking about. Mr. Confidentiality here told
"Is it a secret," I asked Todd, truly concerned I young junior schoolgirls had broken a
"It's okay if he knows, but young naked kds please don't tell anybody else. If it
gets around, I won't be able to get a game."
"Jesus, I'm sorry, man," I gushed out, "I didn't even think."
"It's okay, Matt," Todd said. He was calm and not at all pissed
off. He put his hand on my forearm. "Like I said, just young nude actress
don't tell anybody
else. And I'd appreciate thai young porn it if you didn't mention it either, Kevin."
"You didn't have to say nude art young that," Kevin said. "I knew."
We sat silently for a few moments, sucking our beers.
"So, what'd you do after the game," Todd asked Kevin. "I heard
from Matt that you were the star."
"One young foot tickling of the guys on the team, a junior, turned seventeen this past
week, and his parents gave him a birthday party. It was just the team,
though. Pretty good eats, but only soft young naturist ftp drinks."
"Was it over," I asked.
"Hell, no. They were getting ready to watch Super Bowl highlights
or some such shit. I wanted to meet up with you, Babe, and you, too,
"And you wanted a cigarette so bad you were blind," I said.
"You got that right," Kevin said, grinning.
The guy Todd was interested in looked rich. He was probably
forty-five or so, very well dressed, but in casual clothes, and he lit up
what must have been a $30 cigar right after he got a set of balls. He lollita young
drinking whiskey of some kind, not beer like most of the guys in there
were, and he glanced around from time to time, no doubt looking for Todd.
A man about his age approached him to ask for a game, and he apparently
told him he just wanted to practice.
After fifteen minutes of waiting, Todd finally said, "Y'all
All three of us got up and walked over to the man. Todd led us,
and, when he got to the man's table, he said, "Hi. I'm Todd, and this is
my classmate Matt and his brother Kevin. You want a game?"
"Classmates," nn youngest girls the guy asked.
"Yes, sir. At Newton Prep. Kevin here goes to Colton, and he
whipped the ass of some school tonight as Colton's quarterback."
"No, shit. I thought you fellas might be thugs or something. I
know those two young cumshots
schools, and there are no thugs there. Sure, Todd, I'll
shoot some pool with young danish porn you."
"Any preference about which game," Todd asked.
"I usually shoot Eight Ball. Is that okay with you?"
"Yes, sir," Todd said. "Eight Ball it is."
They went over what was considered a scratch, whether you replaced
the opponent's ball when you scratched, and a few other things I hadn't
paid much drunk incest young
attention to when Todd and I were playing. These two guys were
serious pool shooters, though, and they wanted to get the rules out in the
open from the start. They lagged for break, and Todd won.
He broke the pack newsgroups young porn of balls so hard I was youngest nude teens surprised he didn't
shatter the first one. He sank three, two stripes and a solid.
"Looks like I'm stripes," Todd said.
He took another shot and missed.
"Shit," he said. Then, "Excuse me, sir. That just slipped out."
"Yeah, like I care," the guy said. "Say, would one of you boys
mind getting me another double scotch on the rocks? Tell the guy to put it
on my tab."
"Yes, sir," Kevin said, and he was off young incest gallary to get it.
Todd sank more balls, but so did the man. Finally, Todd lost on
what should have been an easy shot.
"Damn," Todd said with emphasis.
"Tough break, kid," the man young japanese girls said. "You ever put any money on a
pool game?"
"Yes, sir, sometimes," Todd responded. "You saw how I fucked up
that last shot, and you want to take advantage of me, right?" Todd smiled
a sweet smile so the guy would know he was just teasing.
"Aw, man, naw. Besides, I was just thinking of something like
twenty bucks. That might make you concentrate better. You're right, you
did fuck up that last shot, and if you had had money on it, you probably
wouldn't have."
"Maybe you're right." Todd pretended to be thinking about it.
"Okay," he young thumbnail sex
said after a few moments, "you're on for twenty."
The next game went pretty fast, and Todd lost.
"I've got a date tomorrow night," Todd young teen forum
said, "and I need that
twenty back. You want to play again?"
"Yeah, but what if you lose," the guy said.
Todd turned to us. "You guys got twenty I could borrow, if I
It was so fucking cool what happened next. young 12 nudes Kevin and I both pulled
out our wallets, turned away from the table toward each other, like we were
conferring to see if we could cover the bet, and then turned back to say we
Todd handily won the next game. Then he told the man he was
feeling lucky and wanted to play again. The man said sure, but he raised
it to forty. Todd played and lost. Then he did the same thing about
wanting at least his original twenty free young lesbians back, and they played again. That
went on for a good hour, sometime with Todd winning, sometime with the man
winning. They raised the bet from twenty to forty, young bdsm
then to fifty, then to
a hundred. Kevin kept getting the man drinks from the bar, we all kept
saying "yes, sir" and "no, sir" to everything he asked us, and, pretty
soon, Todd was up by $400.
"Goddamn, boy. You've about cleaned me out."
"I'm just lucky tonight, sir. I couldn't believe some of the shots
I made."
"You boys have a curfew," the man asked. "My kids do, so I figured
y'all might."
We all looked at our watches and made youngest child porno
"Shit, I'm almost late," Todd rusian young said, "and my daddy gets mighty
pissed off if I'm not home on time."
It was close to one o'clock.
"You want to play one last game, double or nothing, for $200. I
can cover that much," Todd said.
"Yeah, one more. Double or nothing for $200. Rack 'em."
Well, the game was so one-sided that a blind man could have seen
what was russin young girl
happening. Todd broke and sank four balls, all solids. porno young gallery His
second shot got him another nude young camp ball, and then he missed.
The man sank two in a row. On young girl wallpaper
his third shot, the cue ball flew
off the table, and Kevin caught it in flight. That was a scratch.
None of Todd's balls were sunk, so he shot from the mark at an easy
target. young girld naked
He missed on his seventh ball, though.
The man shot and sank his ball. He shot again, made the shot, but
he also sank the eight ball. He defeated himself. He threw the cue stick
on the table, threw four hundred dollars on the table, too, and turned to
walk out. The guy at the register caught him and made him pay his tab.
And then he left.
Kevin and I were so excited we almost shit ourselves. Todd was
beaming, needless to say, and he tucked his wad of money into his jeans
"Let me buy you boys a drink," Todd said in a young thumbs naked fake Southern accent.
"Y'all deserve one for giving me moral support."
Instead of a drink, we opted for pizza at Pizza Hut. We all
ordered young hero mediums, with different toppings, and a pitcher of beer. We young nude galleries
our food and re-lived the evening.
Finally, when we were finished and it was obviously time to get
home, Todd said, "You are two of the nicest guys I know. Can I be your
friend? I don't really have any, but I like you guys."
"You are our friend," Kevin said. "Of course you can be our
friend-since you already are and all. Duh."
We all laughed.
We said goodnight, and we each drove our separate cars home. Once
in bed, I asked Kevin if he had had a good time that night.
"Man, the best. I really like Todd, especially since he gives good
"You asshole," I said and punched Kevin in the ribs with my elbow.
"You want to start some rough stuff," he asked.
"No, but I want you to fuck me. Does that qualify as rough stuff?"
"That all depends," he said. "Does it to you."
"I don't know. I'll evaluate the youngest amateur porn
experience after it's occurred."
"You asshole," he said, just before his lips locked onto mine.
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