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Subject: My Maquis Lover Chapter 21Disclaimer:This story is based in the "Star Trek" universe. The use of anything
related to "Star Trek" in this series is not intended to infringe upon the
rights really little girls of Paramount Pictures. The author is in no way associated with the
owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise.All other content or otherwise are works of my own imagination. All events
are fictitious in nature.Any similarities to persons living, dead, or otherwise are purely
coincidental.This story contains strong themes of homosexual content, if this offends
you little rascals agency in any way, please refrain from reading further. If you are not of
legal age to read this, please leave now.Ok as well before we start this is based on the series Star Trek Voyager
but with a twist from the original story line and i hope you like it.
Chapter 21: HomeAs I lay there in sickbay, watching Tom as he held Matthew who was only a
few minutes old my mind turned to the two time travelling Admirals that had
recently been on board. One was a future version of the Captain and the
other little tits pics was a future version of myself. They had sacrificed themselves in
order to help get voyager home early and destroy the Borg completely and as
a result changed history. I was brought out of my daydream when Matthew
started to cry. "I white little girl think he's hungry." Said tom. At hearing this the doctor
came over from examining B'Elanna and Miral and spoke to me. "You ready little teen fucking
try breast feeding again?" he asked. I smiled and little schoolgirl nude
nodded. I lifted up my
top and with the doctors help guided Matthew to my nipples and he quickly
latched on and started sucking. It felt really weird and looked strange to
see a baby hanging off my nipple. Tom stood there smiling at me "How does
it feel?" he asked me. "Very strange, so don't laugh." I told him. He kept
smiling and we exchanged a smile and he kissed me on the
forehead. "Lieutenant Paris, please report to my ready room." Said the
captain over the comm. I looked over at Paris who was talking to B'Elanna
and then he kissed her on the head before walking out of sickbay. After 10
minutes Matthew was back asleep after having been fed and burped and lay
him back in his crib when tom spoke up "Can I get you anything sweetie?"
asked Tom. I looked at him and felt so special "ermmm some coffee and pizza
please." I replied. He smiled and walked away from towards the
replicator. With the doctors help B'Elanna got up and moved to bio bed next
to me so she didn't prteen little girls
feel alone. "You did a great job Jack." She said. I
smiled at her and looked down from Matthew then to Miral. "Thanks, but mine
was simple compared to you, I mean I didn't have to push a person out of
me." I said. She laughed. "Yeah, I guess." She said. "How do you feel?" I
asked her. "Very sore." She said. I smiled. "She's beautiful." I said
meaning Miral. "They both are, I think Matthew is going to grow up and have
all the girls falling head over heels." She said. I smiled. The doctor
emerged from his office, and came to my side and scanned both me and
Matthew. "Well, you're both doing well." He said. I smiled. "Thanks doc." I
said. He little girls posing gave Matthew an injection. "What was that?" I asked. "His illagal little sex first
set of inoculations. He will require another 3 sets, but then he should be
fine until he is about 3 years old when I will have to do his 3 year
check-up." He told me. "The captain also informed me, that you have 2
guests on the way who have just beamed aboard." He told me. "Thank you
doctor." I said. I was very curious who he meant, but then I did have a
feeling I might know little cuties fucked who they could be. Tom returned from the replicator
carrying a large tray that had a pot of coffee on it with three cups and a
large pizza on a plate. He set the tray on the spare bio bed and little cock sucker poured the
coffee handing one to me and one to B'Elanna. He then placed the plate in
front of me and I took two slices off and he then went over to B'Elanna and
she also took two slices. I slowly ate the first slice. I didn't realise
how hungry I was. He took two slices for himself and his mug of coffee and
climbed onto the bed next to me and put his arm around me.We chatted for a few moments when suddenly the doors to sickbay opened and
the captain entered followed by two admirals both of whom I knew very
well. The captain was smiling as she entered but both the admirals had a
serious look on their face. "Is there an ensign carter here?" said the
female admiral. That was my mum, she was always playing games like
this. "Actually it's lieutenant carter." I said. "That's beside the point,
Mr. Carter by order of Starfleet intelligence I hereby place you under
arrest." Said the male admiral. That was my father. "On what charge?" asked
Tom standing up. "For being away little pre sluts
for too long from his parents and having
us worried sick." Said my mum starting to smile. That was when Tom
lightened up as my mum and dad came over and gave me a big hug. "Mum, dad
it's so great to finally see you again." I said hugging them back. My mum
then looked over at Tom along with my father. "And you must be Tom; it's
great to finally see you." Said my mum giving tom a hug. "A pleasure Mrs
Carter." He said. He then shook my dad's hand "It's great to finally see
you in person Tom." Said my dad. "Likewise sir." Tom replied. The two of
them moved over to my side. "And this must be the baby." Said mum moving to
Matthew. "That's him." I said making my mum smile. "Have you picked the
name yet?" she asked. "Yeah, Matthew Charles Carter." Said Tom. "A perfect
name." Said my father. Tom looked at me and we shared a smile. "And how are
you feeling, lieutenant." Asked my mother to B'Elanna. "Sore, but fine."
She nude little lollitas said smiling at my mum. "Mum, dad little lexy
this is Lieutenant Torres, the ships
chief engineer and my boss." I told them. My mum turned to me, "Yes Jack I
am well aware of who she is thank you." She said. "Sorry." I said. Tom
smiled at me little summer sex and my mum and dad turned to me also smiling. "How come your
on board?" I asked my father finally. little boys raped "Well captain Janeway here informed
us that you had just given birth and we wanted to see you. Also because
your mother and I have been very involved with project Voyager alongside
Admiral Paris so we had to come on board to brief the senior staff and
bring everyone up to speed about recent events." He told me. I nodded that
was natural for them come on board first then, so that they could brief the
senior staff and get ready pics little boys for voyager to arrive at earth. "Speaking of the
meeting we should started as soon as possible. Captain Janeway could you
assemble your staff." Said Admiral Paris. "Yes Admiral." She said. She
tapped her commbadge and spoke "All senior staff to briefing room in 10
minutes." She said. She turned and said "Jack, Tom I would like you both
there as well." I smiled at her. "Senior officers only captain." Said
Admiral Paris. "Admiral with all due respect these two have practically
been senior officers. They have saved this ship more times than I care to
count together." She explained. "Very well Kathryn." He said smiling at
her. The doctor and Tom helped me out of bed and into a fresh uniform
before handing me Matthew and then went and helped B'Elanna out of bed and
into a uniform who then little lady net took Miral. Together the little xxx
8 of us left sickbay and
rode up to the bridge and walked into the conference to see Chakotay, Kim,
Paris and Seven already sat around the table and Tuvok just entering. He
nodded to the captain which meant that his treatment thanks to his son Sek
had been successful.After everyone had taken their seats Admiral Paris and my two parents stood
and looked at each of us little russians tgp in the room, both my parents little kiddy nude looked at me and Tom
and the baby and smiled with great joy. "I can't tell you what great joy it
brings us to see you all here." Admiral Paris started. "However as you are
already aware however things are not the same as they were when you left
and the Alpha Quadrant is very different from what it was when you left."
my father explained. "We kept you informed of the recent events thanks to
the data streams, so you know about the dominion war and it's outcome, but
I'm sure that many of little porn lola you in particular the former maquis among you will
have a great deal of questions in particular the former maquis among
you. So as the chief of Starfleet strategic operations I will bring you up
to speed." my mother told us. "In the final few months of the war we had a
severe shortage of trained officers. Because of the severity of the
situation it was decided that a general pardon would be offered to all the
maquis who were not killed in the little petite free massacre on Telviks moon and who were
imprisoned instead that they be released and given a general pardon of all
wrong doings and all charges dropped on the basis that they serve as
Starfleet officers, following Starfleet rules and procedures and acting as
Starfleet officers should. Almost all of them were eager to sign up to
avenge the death of their colleagues. I myself spoke out against such a
coalition as I thought that an alliance between the maquis and Starfleet
could not be maintained. Thankfully I was proven wrong during the final
battle. I commanded the starship Sutherland as there weren't enough trained
command officers and the maquis that served on board did me proud. If it
hadn't been for one particular maquis officer saving my life I wouldn't be
stood here today. Now following on with that it gives me great pleasure to
extend that amnesty to all those that Captain Janeway has informed me small little nudist
served her well, which spares me having to lead my son in law away to
prison." little teenys nude
said my mum with a smile looking over at little toes
me and Tom. I smiled back
at her. "This is little nude nudist
not an easy time; we are little girl cuties in the process of re building
ships and facilities and training more officers to get those ships fully
manned. We are also helping the cardassians recover from their losses and
cleaning little asain girls
up areas of space where major battles have occurred. We chicken little crafts are going
to need each one of you to pitch in and help" said Admiral Paris. "After
shore leave of course." little texas said my dad adding a lighter mood to the room. "You
can count on us admiral." said the captain. "Good. Everyone in this room
will be debriefed over the next 24 hours before we get back to earth. Now
given the report we received from captain Janeway, she and Lieutenant
Carter are the first to be debriefed at 08:00 tomorrow morning." said my
dad. As soon as he said I knew what he meant. Because it was future
versions of me and the captain that helped to get Voyager home we would
have some hard questions to answer. But I still didn't get why we had to be
debriefed together. "If that's everything dismissed." little imgboard
said Admiral Paris. I
looked at the captain and she nodded at me indicating she wanted me to stay
behind.Everyone left the room apart from me and the captain and both my parents. I
handed Matt to Tom. He looked at me funny but didn't say anything and just
left. As soon as the room was clear the captain and I stood up side by side
facing my parents. "Something else?" my mum asked. I looked at the captain
who nodded at me. "Permission to speak freely sirs?" I asked. "Granted."
said my dad. "With respect I don't believe it is necessary to hold a joint
debriefing session for me and the captain." I said. Both my mother and
father looked at each other before answering me. "Do you have anything to
add before I speak captain?" said my mother. Captain Janeway shook her head
indicating she didn't. "Well lieutenant I can tell you it is very necessary
to hold a joint debriefing session for you and the captain. I personally
have reviewed Voyagers logs and mission reports and fucking of littlegirls
in almost every
instance there is a common theme. You 2." said my mum. The captain and I
exchanged confused looks before the captain spoke up. "Would you care to
point an example?" she asked. "Let's see shall we, the very beginning of
your mission you made jack your first officer, the incident with the
macroviruses where the two of you saved the ship, the incident with the
Borg and species 8472, where you were both transported off the bridge and
onto a Borg cube and later severely injured leaving the captain and mission
specialist immobile. We also have the omega incident, the incident on
Kolora 2, the incident with the Borg and unimatrix zero where you were both
assimilated the list is endless. Not to mention the fact that it was your
future selves who crossed naked little kids
travelled back in time and broke the temporal
prime directive in order to get the ship little girls cumming home early. So yes Mr Carter it is
very crucial." said my dad rather forcefully which russian little porno made me slightly
shocked. He turned bored little girls and calmed down a bit before turning to me, "I do have
to tell you both now, that if you don't have a little girls hentai
reasonable answer for the
questions we have for you then you both could face serious charges." he
told me. "Charges, for what?" I asked. "Jack, you face charges on the three
counts, holding and possessing information on a highly classified subject
namely the hot little panties omega directive which is only restricted to captains and above,
you also face a charge of insubordination and violation of the temporal
prime directive. Kathryn you face charges of violation of the prime and
temporal prime directives, a severe misjudgement of your command abilities
and failure to fulfil your duty little girl cunny as a Starfleet captain in returning the
rogue crew of the starship Equinox." my father went on to tell us. The
captain and I both stood there in pure shock. How could they accuse us of
such things? "But I have no doubt in my little pinks porno mind that it will not come to
that." said my dad. "After all I'm the one who has to sentence you, and I
will be in the meeting. I will tell you this off the record, keep your
answers clear and to the point and be as honest as you can." he told us. We
nodded. "Now that's over with, how about coffee in your quarters Jack, so
me and your dad can actually meet our grandson and get to know little cunt fucking
our son in
law." said my mum. "Gladly." I said smiling. They turned to leave and I
looked at the captain who was stood looking out the window. I turned back
to my parents, "Mum, dad my quarters are on deck 6 section little girl oictures 7 head there and
I will meet little girl erotic you there in a minute I just need a moment with the captain." I
said. pretteen little nude They nodded and little euro nude left. I went back to the captain and stood by
her. "Kathryn, don't let what dad said worry you." I said. I knew that was
what she was upset about. "How can I not though Jack, 7 years ago I made a
promise to this crew, that we would remain a Starfleet crew behaving the
way Starfleet little texas mp3 would expect us to, little fucking schoolgirls following clear rules and procedures that
every Starfleet officer is expected to follow and now I'm told that I did a
bad job. Was I that bad Jack? Am I really that bad at commanding a
starship?" she asked. "What? How can you ask that? Kathryn here we are one
day away from earth thanks to you. You got us home because you are one of
Starfleet's best captains. Yes we may have gotten a bit settled on Voyager
and developed our own little community but that was because we were alone
for 7 years and we got home without no real break. So yes things are bound
to slip, but believe me dad won't let anything happen to me, little agency com you or anyone
else on this ship. I mean after all, he did personally pick you to be its
captain." I told her making her look at me. "I never knew that, I thought
it was just pure luck I got this." she said. "Nope, dad asked for you
specifically after you gave a presentation at command school." I told
her. "How do you know this?" she little pussy children
asked me. "I've always known." I
said. "You mean you knew for seven years and never once told me." she
said. I nodded. She smiled and then I said "Come on, let's go have coffee
with the family." She took my arm and away we went.The next morning when the captain and I materialised in the in the
transporter room of the Enterprise, we were met by Captain Picard
himself. I stood in awe for a second, as I looked at one of the most noted
captains in Starfleet history. "Kathryn." he said extending his hand to her
which she shook. "Nice to see you again Jean - Luc." she said. "And you
must be Jack Carter" Picard then said to me. "Yes sir." I said. "A pleasure
Mr. Carter I have heard a lot about you. Welcome aboard the Enterprise." he
told me. He looked at the captain before saying, "Well the meeting is
almost ready to begin, so I'll escort you both the conference room." The
captain and I left the transporter room with Captain Picard and rode a
turbolift up to the bridge. I took a moment to note the new bridge design
of the Sovereign class before walking into the briefing room. Captain
Picard moved over to take his seat as did myself and Captain Janeway. Going
around the room there were a number of Admirals and Captains. We had
Captain's Picard, Desoto and Shelby. Then we had Admirals Paris, Brooks,
Montgomery and both my parents. As I noted the people in the room I also
noticed my mother and Admiral Montgomery engaged in little cuties sexe a private
conversation. When they finished speaking Admiral Montgomery spoke
up. "This meeting is called to order. The time is 08:07 and we will begin
the debriefing of Captain Kathryn Janeway, commanding officer of the
starship Voyager and Lieutenant Jack Carter, former temporary first officer
and now assistant chief engineer of the Starship Voyager." he said. He
paused and then the questions began with everyone in the room firing
questions at one us at some point. I do have to admit I was okay for the
first few minutes as the captain got hounded to begin with. Then my first
question came up from Captain Shelby. "Tell me Mr Carter, when Captain
Janeway initiated her masturbation little girl
first red alert drill, why did it take the
engineering department almost 3 minutes to respond. Surely tight little holes
as a recent
academy graduate at the time you should have known that a starship has a
certain expectation to uphold about how long it should take to be fully
prepared during a red alert." she said to me. I remained quiet for a moment
thinking of my answer but that wasn't good enough for her clearly. I was
nervous. "Well Mr Carter." she said. I looked at her and said "Well sir, at
the time I had been the department head for all preeteen little girls of about a day and I hadn't
had little illegal teens
a chance to organise the department as we had major repair work to
do. Also the fact that I was an academy graduate does not mean I am
perfectly prepared to deal with a red alert situation as the department
head." I said to her. "But still...." she said before Captain Janeway cut
her off."Captain Shelby, Mr Carter was a newly graduated cadet and was not
intending to be the department head so quickly so I excused him." little girl lesbians she told
her. Shelby smiled and the meeting continued. The captain and I were asked
even more questions the next major incident they asked about was the omega
molecule. "So moving on, Captain Janeway you encountered the omega molecule
and began to carry out the omega directive as ordered. However you did so
with the assistant of Seven of Nine and Lieutenant Carter, would you care
to explain to us why you involved two members of little russsian nude your crew and then
eventually your entire crew in a matter that you littles in panties should have kept to
yourself." said Admiral Montgomery. The captain proceeded to explain the
situation before Montgomery cut her off. This was becoming a tiresome habit
of him naked little boy cutting her and me off and it was starting to irritate the both of
us. "And Mr Carter, would you explain to us how you came to have such a
good working knowledge of the omega particle." Montgomery asked. I went
ahead and told him and again I was cut off. Next we moved I had the joy of
being solely interrogated about how I stole the flyer to go and rescue Tom,
which I explained before Admiral Brooks cut me off. "That enough lieutenant
we have heard enough. The last question to you cute little dogs
little sex both then is could you
describe how you came to sport this new technology and the events that lead
to your return to earth from the delta quadrant." preeteen little angels
he asked. "Actually sir,
it is Starfleet technology that is on Voyager, but you just haven't
invented it yet." I immediately said. "Lieutenant Carter, a meeting with 3
Captains and 5 Admirals is no place for jokes." said my mum. "Actually
Admiral, he isn't joking." said the captain. "Explain." said Montgomery. So
over the next 20 minutes the captain and I explained the little teaser girls events that
brought us home. When we were through Admirals Brooks and Montgomery
conferred for a moment. They were the only two who hadn't had a chance to
read the report that the captain and I had put together. They continued to
talk before Admiral Montgomery spoke up "Are you aware of how many general
orders the two of little sex stories
you have violated." I was about to speak up when Admiral
Paris spoke up first. "Ken, hang on a second, firstly it was a 26 year
older version of the two of them that did it and secondly we can't
persecute them because the two Admirals are now dead." he said. "That may
be all well and good Owen, but I'm afraid the decision is ultimately
Admiral Carters. Matthew I remind you that you must be objective in this
case even though cute little tits it is your son sat in this room." said Montgomery. "Yes,
thank you Ken I am well aware of my duty. And I would rather you didn't use
my first name, don't forget who outranks who. I outrank you as does my wife
so I suggest you address girls little as such." said my father. This made me smile. "Yes
sir." said Montgomery. "Right I have made my decision. Given what I have
heard and in the light of current events, I am hereby dropping all charges
against the senior staff and the entire crew of the starship Voyager. We
should be applauding their efforts for illegal nude little surviving over the last seven years
not persecuting them and that is my final decision do I make myself clear."
said my father. Nobody spoke. "By the sound of your silence I take that as
a yes. Admiral Montgomery I also believe you owe the captain and my son an
apology for cutting the two of them off constantly and not giving them the
chance to speak. This Captain and Lieutenant helped get that ship home they
deserve a lot more than your bad attitude do I make myself clear." my
father added. "Yes sir, Captain Lieutenant you have my apologies."
Montgomery said. "Good now that that is over with. Captain Lieutenant, you
are dismissed." Said my mother. The captain and I both stood and left.When we arrived back on Voyager the captain and I immediately left the
transporter room and headed for deck 6. Chakotay was aboard the enterprise
being debriefed. Tuvok was in command but it wasn't like there was a huge
amount to do on the bridge travelling at half impulse back to earth. When
we arrived on Deck 6 we immediately headed into my quarters where I saw
Tom, Tabor and Garren all sat on the sofa with Garren holding the baby. The
captain and I stopped in the door way and watched as Garren played with
baby Matthew. I couldn't help but smile. Tom looked up and smiled at
me. "Hey baby, your back. How was it?" he asked. "Great, Admiral Montgomery
grilled us; Captain Shelby made me want to punch her in the face just the
usual." I said. This made the captain smile. I went to the replicator and
got two coffees for me and the captain before sitting down with Tom and
resting my head on his shoulder. The baby started to cry and I immediately
went to get up but the captain said "No don't if I can handle the Borg I
can handle a screaming baby. Just relax." she said. "When was he last little nude girle fed?"
I asked Tom. "Just before you came in." he said. "Did you burp him after?"
I asked. "No was I supposed to." asked Tom. I smiled and nodded. The
captain began to tap his back and before you knew it, he burped with a
little bit of sick on the captain's shoulder. Tabor passed her a rag and
wiped it off. Matthew then stopped crying and calmed down. The captain
handed him back while she put her jacket into the replicator to get it
cleaned. As Matthew lay in my arms Tom sat with me and put his arm round
me. The captain came back from nudists little boys
the replicator with her fresh jacket and a
holoimager. She then said "Smile." little ukrainian titties and took a picture. That was it for the
next hour as she kept snapping pictures and having us in poses. "I love
you." I said to Tom who kissed me.The rest of that day went by quickly and the night went with ease with Tom
and me only getting up once. I eventually awoke at 06:00 and fed Matthew
and then put him back down to sleep. I then moved over to the replicator
and ordered pancakes with maple syrup and sausage meat with a glass of
orange juice and some coffee for two people and served Tom's up on a
tray. I then went over and pushed him and he woke up and saw me stood there
with the tray and he smiled. "Awwww babes, that so sweet of you." he said
as I placed the tray on his lap and grabbed mine and four little girls
climbed back into bed
with him, and we ate breakfast and photo nude little
chatted. After breakfast I tidied the
quarters while Tom had a shower. I then bathed Matthew and got him ready
for the day. Today was the day titties little that the captain was saying goodbye to the
crew and making her farewells to the crew while they were still her
crew. After I had bathed and dressed Matthew, Tom took him off me and sat
reading to him while I was in the shower. After a shower and dressing in my
dress uniform and doing my hair I moved over to Tom and Matthew and sat
there with him. "I better go and get Kathryn ready." I said. "Okay sexy little mermaid
see you at the ceremony." he said. I kissed them both and left the
quarters. I went down to Kathryn's quarters who was stood in her towel
looking out the window. "Kathryn." I said. "Sorry Jack, I'm nowhere near
ready." she said looking at me. I smiled and she moved back into the
bedroom and got into her uniform. When it was safe I beutiful little girls went into the room and
blow dried her hair before straightening her hair and attaching her pips
and making her look divine. When she was ready it was time for us to
leave. As we left the quarters she looked at me and said "Hold my little shavers hand." I
smiled and took her hand. As we rode the turbolift down to deck 8 I kept
thinking of what she sexy little petite
was about to say. Finally we landed on deck 8 and left
the turbolift and walked down the corridor to cargo bay 2. The doors opened
and there stood the entire crew. Every last one. The ship was being run by
a few members of the enterprise crew. "Attention on deck. Commanding
Officer Captain Kathryn Janeway Arriving." I said. It brought back memories
of seven years ago when I announced those words when the shuttle first
docked with the captain. She stepped up to the podium and said "At ease."
The crew relaxed as I stood next to her watching the entire crew all
dressed in their dress uniforms. Chakotay stood at the front with the rest
of the senior staff. Kathryn wanted me there with very little nudist her for moral support,
plus I had a speech prepared on behalf of the crew. It was Chakotay who
nominated me to do it because of personal relationship with the
captain. The captain looked out into the crowd before speaking. She was
about to speak from the pad but pushed it aside. "Seven years ago I made a
decision that stranded this ship and crew 70,000 light years from their
homes and from their families. I little suzy lure
made each of you a promise that I would
get you all back and I vowed that we would be here today, where we are but
just a few hours from seeing your families. We little giant ladder have been little chinese schoolgirl through some hard
times over the last seven years and not everyone could be here with us
today but we have gained some new crewmembers as little angels erotica well. I would like to
close with a quote: It is not farewell, but fare forward Voyagers." she
told us all. The room erupted into whistles, claps and roars as people
cried. I could see the tears in the captain's eyes and moved over to her as
put my hand on her shoulder, she looked at me and we shared a smile. She
then moved aside as I stood at the front of the podium. I raised my hands
and people began to quieten down. "Okay ladies and gentlemen by the request
of this ships first officer, commander Chakotay has asked me to say a few
words on behalf of this crew about our good captain. Seven years ago, I
came aboard this ship fresh out of the academy as a member of the
engineering team. It only took less than a day for my life to change. When
we got pulled into the delta quadrant and the Captain Janeway made me her
first officer I never dreamed that my life could take such a big turn. Then
as I stood on the bridge when she gave the order to destroy the array I
could have stopped her, and little hentai girls probably should have but today I'm glad I
didn't. Because without this woman giving that order porn little free this crew would not
have grown as close as we have, and I always knew that this day would
come. I can safely say that this ship would never have survived without the
fast thinking, intelligent and determined Kathryn Janeway sat in the centre
chair. I always knew that this woman was the best captain anyone could
serve little girl teenie under from the first moment I spoke with her." I paused my eyes
filling up with tears. little girl lesbian "So captain, on behalf of this entire crew, I want
to say thank you so much for all your hard work little nude pictures
and determination to get us
home and things won't be the same without you. We all love you very much
and wish you all the best and happiness with what the future holds for
you. littles teenies And just to add a personal touch, the crew would like to say there
farewells to you know while they are still members of your crew if you have
the time." I told her. That was when she burst into tears and nodded. The
crew made to rows and slowly she went down the rows sharing hugs, kisses
and slaps little girls masturbating on the back with each member of the crew and I could see from her
eyes she wanted to engrave every face into her mind as this could be the
last time that this crew could be together. She eventually finished and
came back up to podium and turned to me and looked at me head on and gave
me a huge hug and a kiss. "This isn't the end Jack, you're staying with me
no matter what" she said to me. "Of course." I said. We hugged again. She
then turned to the crew and said "As my final order to you as your captain,
all hands dismissed." The crew turned and left the room.A few hours later I was back on the bridge and all the crew were back at
their posts as we were approaching earth. On the viewscreen we could see
earth. My parents and Admiral Paris were also on the bridge watching this
blessed occasion. "Captain Janeway, you have been cleared to land Voyager
on landing pad Alpha 315." said my mother. The captain little asian teen
looked over at me
and stood up. "Jack, would you care to do the honours." she said to me. I
looked at her and smiled. "Me?" I asked. "Yes Jack you, you deserve it."
she said. I stood up and moved over to her side and smiled at my
parents. They nodded at me. "Okay, Bridge to engineering." I said over the
comm. "Go ahead Jack." said B'Elanna. "Take the warp core offline, Vent all
plasma from the nacelles and standby to commence landing sequence." I
said. "Understood." said B'Elanna. "Mr Paris, prepare to land the ship." I
said. "Aye Sir." said Paris. "Code Blue." I said. "This is commander Tuvok,
to all hands. We are little girl crotch preparing to land the ship. Code to Blue alert and
report to code blue stations." said Tuvok. The bridge went to Blue Alert
and I knew we were ready. "Landing struts online, inertial dampeners at
maximum." said Paris. "All decks report condition blue." said Tuvok. "Then
Mr Paris, take us down." I said. "With pleasure." he replied. Slowly the
ship began its decent. Pretty soon we were flying over San
Francisco. "Jack, you have to notify air traffic control." said my
mother. "Yes mother thank little girl blowjobs
you." I said. She stepped back. "U.S.S Voyager to
Starfleet air traffic control" I said. "Go ahead Voyager." said an
ensign. "Request permission to land on Landing Pad Alpha 315." I
said. little schoolgirl sluts "Request granted Voyager. Welcome Home." the ensign said. "Thank
you. Voyager out." I said. "Tom set us down." I told Paris. Slowly tom
landed the ship and made the little teenz hardcore ship safe. "Well done Jack, a text book
landing." said the captain. I smiled and turned to her. "I believe you have
one last thing to do." she said. "All hands, the ship has landed. All hands
you are cleared to depart." I said. Slowly the crew began to leave the ship
as Starfleet engineers began to swarm the ship.After a wonderful afternoon spending time with Tom and the baby, it was
time for us to get ready for the evening dinner party which was to be held
for the crew. So after spending two hours getting ready it was time for us
to beam down. Meeting the captain and Chakotay in the transporter room we
beamed into the main banquet hall and were greeted by all the friends and
family of my little pony the crew most of whom were already here. Chakotay and the captain
broke away from us as they went to speak with their families and friends
while me and Tom spoke with my parents. After a short while Tom got called
over to Chakotay to meet an old little jap girl friend from the maquis and I was called
over by the captain. I walked over to the captain and was met by an older
woman and a woman the same age as the captain. "Jack, I would like you to
meet my mother and sister. This is Gretchen my mother and Phoebe my
sister." she said. "A pleasure to meet both of you." I said. "Mother,
Phoebe, this is Jack Carter my best friend and confident on this long
trip." the captain said. "A pleasure Jack." said Gretchen. "And who is this
little man?" she asked. "This is my son, Matthew." I said. "May I?" she
asked. "Of course." I said handing the baby to her. "Well aren't you the
most adorable little man ever. Any friend of my Kathryn's is welcome in our
home." said Gretchen. This made me feel warm inside. Tom came over and
joined us and we spoke some more before I was whisked away to meet the
friends of Toms from the Maquis. After about an hour of talking, Admiral
Paris spoke up from the stage. "If everyone could please take their seats."
he said. Everyone took their seats and my parents moved up to the
stage. little red book With a motion from Admiral Paris, the room went quiet. "So ladies
and gentlemen this is a wonderful occasion and I would like to ask the
following people to join me up here on stage. Ensigns Kim, Campbell, Vorik
and Walker, Lieutenants Torres, Paris and little girl teen
Carter, alittleagency Lieutenant Commander
Tuvok and Captain Janeway." said Paris. We all got up and moved over to the
stage. I left the baby with Gretchen who was happy to take him. "What's
this about?" asked B'Elanna. "No idea." I said. We all lined up on stage in
rank order. "I know this is a bit short notice, but we had limited time. So
Captain Janeway could you step forward." sad Paris. She moved forward. "For
beating the Borg at their own game and for getting your ship and crew
against impossible odds, you are hereby promoted to the rank of admiral."
said Paris opening a small box that contained Admiral Pips. The captain lit
up but I knew this was a kick in the teeth for her as it meant a desk job
and no more starship. Tuvok was promoted to Commander, and me, B'Elanna and
Tom were promoted to Lieutenant Commander. Tom, Harry and Ensign Campbell
were promoted to Lieutenant. This was a wonderful occasion. "And now I know
that the chefs have been waiting seven years to prepare this meal, so
without keeping them waiting any longer let's get started." Paris said.The meals and party went on for a long time before we transported back to
Voyager for a good night's sleep. When we hit the pillow we were gone. Even
Matthew was out for the night. When we cartoon little boy awoke the next morning we had a memo
from Starfleet saying that every member of Voyager had extended Shore Leave
so as of that moment we were off duty. I knew the one place we would
go. Home.
Sorry that this has taken so long, i've just been so busy i havent had time
to write. But there are still 3 more chapters to go in this story before i
start another version

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